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extremely unpopular, angry feminist opinion

Listen, it’s sweet and all, everything Demi Lovato is saying about the modern perception of women and what little girls have to look up to. Really, it is, and it’s a message I fully agree with. 

If you’re going to publicly be for positive body image, i suggest you take off some make-up, be proud of what YOU look like (instead of what Mac, Maybelline and Covergirl look like), get rid of your trendy clothes, and actually be yourself. All you’re doing is promoting a type of woman to little girls. And maybe they won’t have body issues, but once they fall into a crowd of image-obsessed twats, they probably will. Let’s be honest here: anyone in fashion knows that thin is in, and to be seen in clothes made by designers that hire models of only ONE body type is just as bad as not saying anything at all about the topic. Just saying.

And also, unless you’re going to make sure a photo of you is NEVER photoshopped again for a cover of a magazine, you’re not even playing on the right side 100%. They make your eyes bigger, your pores smaller, your waist thinner, your lips fuller, your legs longer and all it leaves is someone with a similar skin tone and smile. So, maybe fix that too. 

So, it’s really annoying to me to see a girl (who in my opinion from experience can IN NO WAY believe what she is saying 100%) get all this love and support for saying things far less attractive women have been saying for decades and getting tenfold the support than those more qualified, better educated, and those that are better role-model material. 

I would rather my kids look up to scientists and artists and presidents than a singer who clearly spends a lot of time on their appearance. Get a shirt that fits, a nice haircut, some concealer, and you’re good to go, kids. Anything more is damaging.

To clarify, this isn’t really about Demi. she’s a nice girl, and I feel for her. We have gone through similar things, I suppose. 

No, this is about every hollywood girl that’s sat there saying “You’re beautiful, just as you are” while wearing 5 brands of makeup and a push up bra. 

You’re a hypocrite. and no amount of positive body image babble will hide the fact that you’re hiding behind a layer of expertly applied makeup. 

What is the point of telling girls to be themselves, when your appearance says “Look at me. this is pretty. be this.” constantly? You are selling a lifestyle here, people, and it is damaging our children. 

It just pisses me off. You’re not helping anyone, not really.

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